Momo Movement partners with Indefinite Arts Centre as a resident company of the National accessArts Centre

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July 16, 2018

Momo Movement partners with Indefinite Arts Centre as a resident company of the National accessArts Centre

Mixed ability dance theatre organization signs MOU that will bring community programming and performances to North America’s first multidisciplinary arts hub for artists with disabilities.

CALGARY – Momo Movement, Western Canada’s first integrated dance company founded in 2003, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indefinite Arts Centre (IAC) that will position Momo as the first resident company of the proposed National accessArts Centre – moving one step further in realizing a vision for a purpose-built, truly accessible, multidisciplinary arts hub on IAC’s current site in the southeast Calgary community of Fairview.

“Though we provide a wide range of programming and engage artists and participants across the disability spectrum, we’ve never had a space of our own,” said Talia Potter, General Manager of Momo Movement. “Finding truly accessible, available and affordable spaces remains a perennial challenge and this has hampered our ability to grow.”

“By partnering with Indefinite Arts Centre as a resident company in the new National accessArts Centre, Momo sees exponential growth in the future, not only for our company, but the disability arts sector altogether,” Potter added.

The National accessArts Centre will feature a flexible, black box theatre space with both indoor and outdoor stages that can accommodate a wide range of programming. In addition, the theatre complex will also house rehearsal spaces for Momo’s artists and community participants – all properly equipped to support dance theatre production and practice.

“Artistic training and practice is no longer about engaging in one discipline or medium,” said Jung-Suk Ryu, CEO of the Indefinite Arts Centre. “Our proposed National accessArts Centre will allow for artists across abilities to be exposed to and train across disciplines, collaborate and develop multimedia projects, and then showcase the resulting innovative works in a state-of-the-art space to the entire Calgary community and beyond.”

(Attachments: Floor plans of the proposed National accessArts Centre)


For more information, please contact:

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu, CEO

Indefinite Arts Centre

cell. 403.404.3174

Talia Potter, General Manager

Momo Movement


About Indefinite Arts Centre

The Indefinite Arts Centre – Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization – provides artistic training, creation, and exhibition opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Every week, close to 300 artists come through our fully equipped studio space in Calgary. Working alongside talented instructors, our artists are supported and empowered to experience the entire artistic creation process – from conceptualization to exhibition.

About Momo Movement

Momo Movement was the first integrated dance company in Western Canada. A non-profit charitable organization established in 2003, the company brings together a diverse community of artists with programming that serves to remove barriers and facilitate artistic expression through movement-based improvisation, both in community settings and performance.

About the National accessArts Centre

The National accessArts Centre (NaAC) is a vision to build North America’s first multidisciplinary arts hub purpose-built for artists of all abilities. The Centre proposes to build a campus-style environment featuring a black box performing arts space, indoor and outdoor performance and arts spaces, expanded arts studios, multiple galleries, and retail opportunities.

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