Executive Summary

The Indefinite Arts Centre is a community hub driven by the arts, and a new benchmark for inclusive, universally accessible design. Visitors will discover unique spaces within, between and around three buildings which house program ranging from the performing to the visual arts, administrative to retail, and informal to formal galleries.

As an organization, the Indefinite Arts Centre has undergone a transformation;
from a disability service organization that engages adults with developmental disabilities, to an arts organization that serves artists living with disabilities. This shift speaks to new era of inclusivity: across the arts, across the disability sector and across communities. The Indefinite Arts Centre supports the creative potential of artists across all spectrums. It is a place where entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders can take away inspiration for their own work, using the perspectives of those whose perspectives are often grossly underrepresented.

Our team has spoken with all levels of government – community, city, provincial & federal level – to develop broad based awareness of the project. We’ve met with like-minded local organizations to uncover shared constraints and discover collective opportunities. And we’ve spoken with our sister organizations abroad. We’ve visited world-class disArts organizations in the USA including NIAD, Creative Growth, Creativity Explored & the Arc, exchanged stories of our organizations’ evolution, physical spaces and roles in our respective communities.

In all conversations, we’ve heard one resounding message: we are lucky. Despite the events of February 20 – which marked the sudden collapse of the Fairview Arena roof and temporary loss of IAC’s home – the Indefinite Arts Centre is in the envious position of being proactive.

Driven by the Indefinite Arts Centre’s 5 year strategic plan, the following vision and master plan was developed through extensive research, thoughtful conversation and a desire for the organization to remain an important neighbor in a revitalized community of Fairview.

We have asked “what type of new facility can support and advance Indefinite’s efforts”? We are set to join forces with likeminded allies in Calgary. And we believe this project to be transformational for Fairviewites and Calgarians at large.

The new Indefinite Arts Centre will be a next generation community hub.

Opportunity’s knocked. Let’s make the most of it.


Jodi James, Intern Architect